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Invoice management is one of the most time-consuming, costly, and error-prone aspects of the payables process. Frankly, it’s a real pain for us human beings.

Why not automate and put artificial intelligence (AI) on the case? Mekorma Invoice Capture will take invoice data entry off your hands while ensuring the right people maintain visibility and control.

Invoice Capture adds to Microsoft Dynamics GP and can be used with the Payment Hub for a true end-to-end automation experience.

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How it works

Mekorma Invoice Capture utilizes Microsoft Power Platform to automate data capture and invoice entry into Dynamics GP. When an invoice is received by email, it triggers Microsoft’s AI to read and extract the essential information. The data is then transferred to your ERP system using a Power Automate flow. Once in Dynamics GP, the invoice can be validated and processed according to your business rules.

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Set up a dedicated email inbox for vendor invoices

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AI reads invoice content and pushes the data into Dynamics GP

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AP staff review, adjust, and confirm invoice details

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Save invoice to a batch and approve with Mekorma Mobile Workflows

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Generate payment with Mekorma Payment Hub or your preferred payment solution

Invoice Capture could be the perfect solution for your business

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We want to automate invoice entry into Dynamics GP as easily as possible

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We don’t need the complex features of a document management system

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We want to track approvals and audit logs right in our ERP system

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We process most of our invoices through AP (POP and three-way matching not supported)

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Benefits of Invoice Capture with Approval Workflow

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Digitized invoice processing
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Quicker invoice-to-pay cycle
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Reduced manual workload
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Easily accessed invoices within your ERP
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Save time
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Streamlined approvals for greater control
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Automation is Worth It

Mekorma customers get immediate benefits from our solutions.

It's made our AP Specialist’s life so much easier, and there are hardly any many mistakes in what the AI picks up.

Rebecca Busch

Chief Financial Officer

Spooner Health

Our AP Specialist can spend her time doing other things, now that she doesn’t have to key in every invoice.

Rebecca Busch

Chief Financial Officer

Spooner Health

Eliminating paper has been such a relief. Not just by scanning the invoices, but we used to have piles of reports and now we can just go back and look them up.

Rebecca Busch

Chief Financial Officer

Spooner Health

We value the seamless integration of Mekorma Invoice Capture with Microsoft Dynamics GP, which eliminated the need for a separate document management system.

Rebecca Busch

Chief Financial Officer

Spooner Health

The integration to GP is very attractive to us. We didn’t have to learn a whole new software, the features are right there in Dynamics GP.

Rebecca Busch

Chief Financial Officer

Spooner Health

I love that I don't have to attach invoices as a separate step. The right documents are already automatically in GP, I can just click submit. It makes the process easier and faster.

Ashley Reisenauer

Grants & Accounting Manager

Garrison Conservancy District


No – Document management systems are self-contained software platforms that perform complex tasks for many types of business documents. When using a document management system to process invoices, typically an invoice will be approved within that system and then pushed into your ERP for payment. 

Invoice Capture automates invoice entry by populating the relevant information directly into Dynamics GP, so they can be processed further with or without an approval process.

pdf, bmp, jpg, jpeg, gif, png, tif, tiff

AI Builder recognizes the fields listed here. Mekorma uses a subset of this data and brings the following into Dynamics GP: Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Amount, and Due Date.

Yes, the software is able to read more than one attachment and process each individually.

The approver will need to resubmit it to the workflow. Invoice Capture does not automatically submit, save, or post the PM Transaction, so AP clerks can edit the distributions before submitting to the approval workflow. If GL adjustments are needed after submitting, the invoice will need to be recalled, edited and resubmitted. This is standard GP Workflow functionality.

Yes, GP Workflow offers out-of-office/delegation options.

Dynamics GP maintains a detailed workflow history (if workflow is enabled). Audit information is available at the transaction level and from a workflow history report. You can access details within GP and print a report of the data.

Dynamics GP workflow history report

In addition to Microsoft Power Automate and AI Builder licenses, you will need to have OneDrive and email (preferably Office 365). You will also need to enable Dynamics GP DocAttach.

Yes, the validation works as any other GP third-party product does.

AI Builder is built on the Azure AI platform and uses both AI and Machine Learning algorithms to determine the content of the invoice. Microsoft pools millions of documents running through their platform on a daily basis, which feeds into the machine learning algorithms. This is always increasing the AI's ability to infer what the content of a document is.

Currently, Invoice Capture can only read invoices in US/Canadian English.

Yes! The AI engine can read handwritten invoices.

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