Mekorma Payment Hub Pricing

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Product Price


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Check Printing

  Feature  Description
Check formatting for blank check stock (check / refund copy and overflow)Customize your check and stub layout using our drag and drop Configurator
EFT Remittance OptionsCustomize your EFT Remittances using our drag and drop Configurator
Print or Disable Blank ChecksEnable or disable creation of handwritten payments
Print Miscellaneous ChecksPrint miscellaneous checks using MICR check printing
Use Pre-Printed Check StockPrint checks on pre-printed stock (blank check stock recommended)
Check number trackingMaintains the correct starting check number in Dynamics GP when printing on blank check stock
Check SortingPrint checks in a defined sorting order
Signature & Logo Image LibrariesStore and enable signature files and company logos to print on checks
Print POP NotesDisplay Purchase Order notes on checks
Test Check Layout and SecurityVerify your check layout and confirm proper printer connections
Omit $0 Check in PayablesAvoid printing $0 checks


  Feature  Description
Secure Approval WorkflowLocks payments until batches go through your defined workflow
Rejected PaymentsReject payments duing approval process
Approver NotificationNotify via email or text that batches are pending approval
Out of Office DelegationApprovers can assign temporary users to handle their batch approvals
Approvals by Threshold levelDefine approvals based on dollar threshold amounts
Split Batches by ThresholdAutomatically split a batch of payment by your designated thresholds
Sort check in Threshold groupPrint checks in defined threhold level sorting order
Encrypted Signature Storage and PrintingImages are stored to SQL server to for secure printing
Enable Signatures OnlyPrint electronic signatures on checks with Dynamics GP security only
Override Default Signatures with Approver SignaturesEnsure the signature of whoever approves the batch is printed
Vendor Class SecurityAssign security to a GP class ID

Payment Batch Automation

  Feature  Description
Action BoardOne centralized window that allows you to access batches for one or more GP companies
Create, process, and post batches in one-clickProcess multiple payment batches simultaneously
Approval RequestsRequest approvals for multiple batches simultaneously
Generate and Post EFT Batches after processingGenerate / Post EFT NACHA File automatically or as a separate step
Generate SafePay/Positive Pay Files after postingGenerate automatically or as a separate step
Assign a default checkbookDesignate a default checkbook to a user ID, vendor checkbook ID, voucher checkbook ID, or PO number
Save printer settingsAlternative to GP Named Printers

Auditing and Imaging

  Feature  Description
PDF Copies of paymentsOrganize and store voided images of check and EFT payments
Check Image ArchivingView voided images of checks and EFTs within Dynamics GP after posting
Audit Log ReportTrack users who processed and approved payments

We Can Help Implement Your Payment Hub

If you would like assistance with configuring Payment Hub features – such as payment batch automation, security and approval workflows - our Customer Success team can help.

Implementation costs typically start at $2,500 and are based on the number of checkbooks, companies, approvers, and the level of automation needed.

If you have many GP companies, we will work with you to structure an implementation plan that includes training your IT team to do some of the work internally to keep costs down.

Is the Payment Hub right for you?

Talk to a Solution Specialist who can demo the features that work best for your business