PowerApprovals Pricing

PowerApprovals is an add-on product to the Mekorma Payment Hub.

In addition to a Payment Hub license you will also need to purchase the following:

Mekorma Costs

Annual Product Subscription




Microsoft Power Apps subscription

Subscription Plan


Per User/App/Month


Per User/Month

Pay-as-you-go Plan


Per Active User/App/Month



To purchase Power Apps for an organization, you must already be an Office365 Global or Billing Admin of a tenant, or you must create a tenant.

Implementation Costs

If you would like assistance with implementing PowerApprovals, our Customer Success team can help for a flat fee of $2,000.

We can also integrate your existing Document Management system within PowerApprovals, so approvers can view invoices right within the app. Pricing can range from $4,000 to $9,000.

Licensing scenario

This example offers an idea of total annual cost using Mekorma PowerApprovals, based on number of approvers and PowerApps licensing options

Business Scenario: 3 Approvers - Licensed under the per user/app/month model

Mekorma Costs

Product Subscription = $850

Microsoft Costs

Power Apps Subscription = $180

3 users/$15 per Month

Total costs: $1030

*Does not include taxes

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