My First 90 Days with Mekorma - Michael Vorhees

Michael Vorhees , UX Writer May 11, 2023 Personal Profile

“Welcome to Mekorma!” A phrase heard frequently throughout the first weeks in my new role as UX Writer with Mekorma. These were genuine welcomes, spoken with a smile and followed by questions about myself. These welcomes came from coworkers who wanted to get to know me and bridge the gap between coworker and companion.

Relationship building has been one of the foundations in my time with Mekorma so far and is undoubtedly one of the characteristics that has made Mekorma successful. Even though we all work remotely, and have for more than a decade, it is clear that friendship is real despite the distance—my peers know others’ pets, spouses, and children. A friend once described me as a “not so near but rather dear” friend, and Mekorma certainly operates under this notion as well.

Mekorma’s wonderful Sales, Support, and Marketing teams have established an industry-known relationship with our customers; my role as UX Writer allows me to further build on that link by focusing on the user experience of Mekorma products. I drive the narrative for our user guides and help our product flow make customers’ work easier.

The concept of a 90-day review period is nothing new. What is new, however, is the post-90-day review reflection. Taking the time to reflect on where I was 90 days ago versus today, the things I have learned, the tasks I have accomplished, and the insight I have gained. This reflection gives me pause; pause to appreciate the moment, the goals conquered, and those who have helped along the way. In the grand scheme of life, 90 days is but a blink, but when starting something new, those same 90 days can feel like you are crawling through mud. My past 90 days has not felt like that: a blend of learning, training, and creating has kept every day distinct and energized.

Showing up each day ready to learn, ready to work, and ready to think, I expected time to fly by. Sure, it’s Spring already, somehow, but back in December, the Pacific Northwest was just entering the depths of winter: the sun set at 4:27 PM. I sat down at my desk when it was dark and signed off for the day when it was dark once again. I remember that first day so vividly: the nerves and the excitement. My first meeting was with Peter, from our IT team, and it took all of an introduction for the nerves to recede and the excitement to flow. That initial call set the standard for what turns out to be Mekorma modus operandi: we are helpers, solvers, and doers. Peter helped me solve my new job anxiety by being himself.

Throughout the following weeks, I spent time getting to know my new peers while they guided me through training sessions and my onboarding plan. There was such careful attention to detail laid out in the plan that I did not feel like I was merely ticking items off a checklist, but instead I was shaping my future, and having fun along the way.

The dedication my peers have to the work they do and who they work for stuck out right away. This dedication is expressed through their passion and happiness to teach and share their knowledge. Learning and sharing of knowledge is a constant at Mekorma. This is an incredibly talented and intelligent group, with a desire to always know more. I admire how my peers dedicate themselves to their work, and I look forward to learning with them.

Barney Stinson, one of the greatest television characters of the 21st century, once claimed that “new is always better.” While I generally disagree with that sentiment, as there is plenty that has aged like fine wine, there is some truth to the statement, especially in the context of learning. New information is inherently valuable, not solely because it is new, but because by learning something new, you are actively improving yourself. With that mindset, I have strived to better myself every day since joining Mekorma.

With every introduction, my peers would insist that if I ever have questions, want more information, or just want to talk, to not hesitate to reach out. Even though I am no longer “the new guy,” there still is an absolute sense of sincerity. The culture at Mekorma is characterized by this sincerity; genuine encouragement is a deeply ingrained value.

Definitions by nature create borders and place us in a box, but I tend to be very concrete, and want to define my time with Mekorma so far. This definition will be constantly evolving throughout my life, so I wanted to use a word that was adaptable. Breaking all norms associated with writing, I have created an innovative word to define this feeling: Hapsingen: noun; the feeling of joy and contentment that comes from being happy, sincere, and generous.

One final reflection on my time with Mekorma is how rewarding it continues to be. The relationship building, the learning, the passion, and the sincerity create the glue of this company, and I am so grateful to be a part of it. Each day I work to get to know somebody a little better; I learn something new; I try to be sincere in my actions; I am dedicated to the work I do. No longer viewing the next 90 days with trepidation, I look forward to them.




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